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Age, The "Al Pacino - the Legend",  (Australia)
Age, The "He's Been to Al and Back", (Australia) 
Ananova, "Pacino, My Battle with Drugs and Drink", Oct 20, 2002
BBC Online, Films: Al Pacino, The Recruit, Interviewed by Alana Lee, 26th March 2003
BBC Online,
"Pacino Named Greatest Film Star", May 5, 2003
Cineman Syndicate, Prairie Miller
CNN, "Al Pacino: Walking the high wire"

NY Daily News, "Breakfast with a champion", by Henry Cabot Beck
E! Online News, "New Presidents at Actors Studio", Emily Farache, Jun 20, 2000
E! Online, "Top Ten Devils", Tom Mitchell, Nov 10, 2000
EW Weekly, "Cigarette Burns", Liane Bonin, November 5, 1999
Film Scouts, "Al Pacino on "Looking for Richard", Leslie Rigoulot, January 28, 1996
Internet Movie Database, "Al Pacino: The Insider"
Jam Interviews, many interviews / articles, "Interview: Al Pacino!", Mike Sampson, (2002)
Ken Burns Interview, USA Today
Latino Review
, "The Recruit", by Jax 2000

Newsweek, "And Justice for Al", Jeff Giles, June 3, 2002
Newsweek, Hollywood Byline, The Players, "Al Pacino Interview on His Life and His Career", Jeff Giles
Romantic Movies, About... "Al Pacino Talks about Simone", by Rebecca Murray
Urban Ciniphile, "PACINO, AL : The Insider ", Jorn Rossing Jensen
USA Weekend Magazine, January 26, 2003, Ken Burns
What You Need to Know About, "Al Pacino Talks About "Simone". by Rebecca Murray 




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David Letterman
Diane Sawyer (Dateline)
Gene Shalit (Today Show)
Larry King Live



E! Online
Rotton Tomatoes





Dutch Penthouse

N/A  (It is in Dutch)

N/A Nov 2002

"The Legend Speaks"

Told to Cal Fussman July 2002

"And Justice for Al"

Jeff Giles June 3, 2002
St. Petersburg Times "Film Greats Crave the Stage" By Steve Persall Sept 15, 2000
Toronto Sun "Coffee with Pacino" By Jim Slotek Sept 13, 2000
LA Times Calendar "The Place He Likes to Be" Amy Wallace June 27, 1999
Cable TV Al Pacino "The Devil's Advocate" star talks about his work and the meaning of privacy" Roald Rynning April 1998
"EPD Film" (German mag, like Film Comment or Sight and Sound) "Von Innen nach Aussen - der Schauspieler Al Pacino" "Inside Out - the Actor Al Pacino" Kai Mihm February 1998
People Magazine "Diabolically Speaking" Chuck Arnold November 3, 1997
Detroit News "Pacino looked for Inspiration to Play the Devil" Joshua Mooney October 17, 1997
Toronto Sun "Still Playing Devil's Advocate" Liz Braun October 12, 1997
Calgary Sun "Pacino Plays the Devil's Advocate" Louis B. Hobson October 11, 1997
Insieme "Pacino: The Devil's Advocate" Silvia Bizio October 1997
Filmweb (net site) "Prince of Darkness" Robin Eggar 1997
MSNBC "Al Pacino: the Devil Finally Emerges" Joe Leydon 1997
LA Times "Jumping Into the Fire" Jack Mathews 1997
Scene Magazine (net site) "Sympathy For the Devil" Raj Bahadur 1997
The Journal "On Meeting 'Heat''s Dynamic Duo" Sally Kline 1997
Boston Pheonix "Picking Up Support" Peter Keough 1997
Playboy "Looking For Al" Lawrence Grobel December, 1996
Larry King Live N/A Larry King November 8, 1996
Associated Press "Pacino Goes Looking for Richard, Finds Things Come in Threes" Louis B. Hobson November 6, 1996
Rolling Stone "Al Pacino, the Rolling Stone Interview" Anthony De Curtis Oct 17, 1996
Time Out New York "Devil's Advocate, Why Al Pacino Enjoys Playing Villains" / "King of Pain" Patricia Bosworth Oct 3-10, 1996
L'Officiel Homme "Le Mythe Pacino" (in french) unknown October 1996
ET Weekly "A New Stage For Pacino, Hollywood's Godfather is Bringing Mobs to Broadway with "Hughie" Caren Weiner and David Hajdu September 20, 1996
Calgary Sun "Patient Pacino" Louis B. Hobson September 9, 1996
Toronto Film Festival "Looking For a New Pacino" Bruce Kirkland September 9, 1996
A&E Monthly "Al Pacino Lightens Up" Dan Yakir Sept, 1996
EW Metro (net site) "Al Pacino, Broadway Pulls Him Back In" unknown September, 1996
Associated Press "Hughie, Starring Al Pacino, Opens on Broadway" unknown August 22, 1996
Toronto Sun "Al In Another Mob Scene" Bruce Krikland May 15, 1996
TV Speilfilm (in German) "Duell der Meister" unknown March 2-15, 1996
Esquire "Pacino's Way" Jimmy Breslin February 1996
Film Scouts Press Room (net site) "Al Pacino Looking for Richard Leslie Rigoulot January 28, 1996
Vogue "Al Pacino's Edgy Genius" John Powers January 1996
Pilot Online (net site) "Interview: Al Pacino and Robert De Niro on "Heat" Mal Vincent 1996
Toronto Sun "The Good, the Bad and the Brilliant" Bruce Kirland December 3, 1995
Entertainment Weekly "Pacino's Way" Bronwen Hruska November 12, 1993
Film Review "Pacino, Scent of an Oscar." Tony Crawley April, 1993
GQ "Al Alone" Maureen Dowd September 1992
Barbara Walters Special N/A Barbara Walters 1992
Interview Magazine "From the Horse's Mouth: The Private Pacino" Julian Schnabel Feb 1991
ET Weekly "Pacino Talks" Lawrence Grobel Dec 21, 1990
Playgirl Holiday Edition "Al Pacino" Cindy Pearlman 1990
US Mag "Weathering Heights" Cindy Pearlman Oct 30, 1989
Rolling Stone "Al Pacino Has Something To Say" Larry Grobel Feb 2, 1984
Cue Magazine "'Cruising' with Al Pacino" Mel Gussow September 14, 1979
Playboy Interview "A candid—and very rare—conversation with the enigmatic actor and superstar." Lawrence Grobel 1979
Game "Al Pacino - Riding High" Guy Flatley Nov 1974
Movieland and TV Time "I'm Lonely For Love" unknown June 1974
Seventeen "City Troublemaker...." Edwin Miller April 1972





(ET = Entertainment Tonight, CNN = Showbiz Today, E! = E! Entertainment Television News)



AL PACINO This is a one hour documentary on Al that I got from a fellow fan. It is a great film, though unfortunately not available in the US that I know of. I don't know much about it except it was made in a foreign country and has subtitles (it is in English, the subtitles are a foreign language, German I think)(here are the titles: Canal+ AB Presents, Al Pacino, a coproduction, canal+ and capa production, a film by Mara Villiers and Alain Charlot). If anyone out there knows of a reliable place to order a copy please let me know.
BARBARA WALTERS his life and work (11-24-92)
BIG AL Al does NOT appear in this short (30 minute) movie made for Showtime, but it is still interesting. It's about an unemployed screenwriter who is obsessed with Al and gets an opportunity to write a screenplay for him with his best friend.
E! "Carlito's Way", Behind the scenes special with interviews from cast including Al at a press conference (93)
E! "Donnie Brasco" behind the scenes 30 min documentary (97)
E! "Godfather" behind the scenes look at the Godfather trilogy and the premiere of the re-issue
GENE SHALIT interview (11-11-93)
GOOD MORNING AMERICA Diane Sawyer interviews Al
HBO "Godfather Trilogy" a behind the scenes documentary with interviews of all the cast members including Al
GOLDEN GLOBES (1993) accepting a GG for best actor ("Scent of a Woman"), and backstage talking about SOAW
LARRY KING LIVE his life and work (November 8, 1996) (you can try ordering a VHS copy of this interview from Federal Document Clearing House, 1100 Mercantile Lane, Suite 119 Landover, MD 20785, or call 1-800-CNN-NEWS or 313-416-8201.
OSCARS (1993) in the audience during announcement of Best Supporting actor (he lost), accepted an Oscar for best actor (Scent of a Woman)
N.Y.P.D. this is a tv series from the 60's starring Jack Warden. You can buy a copy of it by writing Kenneth Pred, 4119 60th St. Apt. 2A, Woodside NY, 11377 (it costs $8 and is about 24:00. Be warned it is a copy of a copy, but the quality is not bad. Contains no credits or commercials. Money orders are best. He accepts checks though they must clear before he will send the tape.)
SUPERSTARS OF ACTION A 30 minute profile of Al. The company made a bunch of these on several different stars. The video can no longer be found. has it listed for sale, but they don't actually have any.